Frequently asked questions

What is Startup Visa? What are the requirements?

Startup Visa is a temporary residence permit released by the Dutch Government since 2015 to encourage non-EU entrepreneurs to explore and get their business started in the Netherlands!

To be eligible for the Startup Visa, the following requirements must be met:

  • they must work with a trusted and experienced mentor (facilitator) that is based in the Netherlands;
  • they must have a product or service that is innovative;
  • they must have a Step-by-Step plan for developing their idea into a business;
  • both the start-up entrepreneur and the facilitator must be registered in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel);
  • the start-up entrepreneur must have sufficient financial resources to reside and live in the Netherlands for one year.

How can Shape of Green Business help me?

Shape of Green Business helps you with the followings:

  • Business coaching for your Dutch Startup Visa application
  • Finding a facilitator to support your Startup Visa application
  • Development of Step-by-Step plan and preparation of Startup Visa application documents


  • You'll get a clear roadmap about where you stand and the steps you need to take to meet the requirements for Startup Visa
  • You’ll get a framework to brainstorm, evaluate and select different business ideas for the Dutch Top Sector from scratch
  • You’ll get to explore the different angles of ‘innovation’ to your business ideas
  • You’ll get to define the building blocks of your business ideas and answer the critical questions
  • You’ll get to develop a strong pitch and story for your potential facilitators, partners and customers
  • You’ll get connected with a network of potential facilitators to support your business idea and Startup Visa application
  • You’ll get support to develop a strong Step-by-Step Plan document as required for submission to IND
  • You’ll have a loyal support and listener throughout your journey

Listen to what others say about their experience working with me. ;)

Find out more about how I can help you and find out here to see the different coaching package options.

Need tailor-made support? Shoot me an email and let us have a 30-minutes chat to discuss your personal situation and how I can help you to meet your needs.

Can’t I just figure this out on my own?

Sure! If you have the knowledge, time and network to develop business idea strategies and understand the Startup Visa application process on your own, you can absolutely take that route.

The coaching is meant to be a strategic shortcut to help you reach your goals quicker.

I want to set-up a business in the Netherlands, but I do not have a business idea yet.... where should I even start?

Ideas are everywhere. There is a step-by-step framework that you can follow to brainstorm, evaluate and select different business ideas from scratch. As a first step: I suggest that you could think further about the kind of business that you’d like to set-up based on your interests, skills and experiences. In particular, please consider why are you interested to set your particular business in the Netherlands. Do not get overwhelmed by the word 'innovation. Pause and think: What is your biggest source of satisfaction? What is your biggest source of frustration? What problem do you think the world needs to solve in 20 years time? Shape of Green Business could help with this process, but we suggest that that the very first initial idea exploration process to be done by yourself. Once you are more clear about your interest and motivation, this would later give us a great foundation to work forward.

What is the chance for the Start-up Visa application to get approved by IND?

Unfortunately, I do not have the answer to this question as their decision is outside my control.

What I can say for certain is that you have the control on the quality of Start-up Visa application that you submit to IND. The more structured and clearer your business idea and the way you communicate your ideas and values in your Step-by-Step plan to IND, the higher chance your application to get approved by IND!

I don’t have time right now.

I understand you. Life gets crazy sometimes. Ultimately, I have realised that we make time for what matters. If it‘s not a fit right now, check back with me later.

How long will your coaching support last?

First thing first, it really depends on:

  1. Where you stand on the roadmap
  2. The intensity of the coaching

The coaching package options is based on a timeline of 1-3 months.

Need tailor-made support? Shoot me an email and let us have a 30-minutes chat to discuss your personal situation and how I can help you to meet your needs.

How much is the fee?

Click here to find out the different coaching package options and the prices.

Which coaching package that suits you best?

Need tailor-made support? Shoot me an email and let us have a 30-minutes chat to discuss your personal situation and how I can help you to meet your needs.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like it?

Of course! There's a 30-days money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with how things are going. The only thing I ask is for you to kindly share with me the reason and feedback so that I can continuously improve!


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