10 creative brainstorming techniques for startup ideas in the Netherlands

Interested in setting up your company in the Netherlands? That is great! Since 2015, the Dutch government passed a regulation to encourage non-EU nationals to launch their business in the Netherlands with the Startup visa.

Do not have any startup ideas yet? No worries. First, consider these five factors when choosing a topic for your business idea in the Netherlands. Additionally, let me share with you a few of my favourite creative brainstorming techniques that I came across from Personal Excellence.

1. Time Travel. How would you deal with this if you were in a different time period? 10 years ago? 100 years ago? 1,000 years ago? 10,000 years ago? How about in the future? 10 years later? 100 years later? 1,000 years later? 10,000 years later?

2. Rolestorming. What would you do if you were someone else? Your parent? Your teacher? Your manager? Your partner? Your best friend? Your enemy? Etc?

3. SWOT Analysis. Do a SWOT of your situation. What are the Strengths? Weaknesses? Opportunities? Threats? The analysis will open your mind up to new ideas.

4. Reverse Thinking. Think about what everyone will typically do in your situation. Then do the opposite.

5. Resource Availability. What if money, time, people, supplies are not issues at all? What if you can ask for whatever you want and have it happen? What will you do?

6. Teleportation: What if you were facing this problem in a different place? Different country? Different geographic region? Different universe? A different plane of existence? How would you handle it?

7. Attribute change. How would you think about this if you were a different gender? Age? Race? Intellect? Height? Weight? Nationality? Your Sanity? With each attribute change, you become exposed to a new spectrum of thinking you were subconsciously closed off from.

8. Gap Filling. Identify your current spot – which is Point A – and your end goal – which is Point B. What is the gap that exists between A and B? What are all the things you need to fill up this gap? List them down and find out what it takes to get them.

9. Mind Map. Great tool to work out as many ideas as you can in a hierarchical tree and cluster format. Start off with your goal in the center, branch out into the major sub-topics, and continue to branch out into as many sub-sub-topics as needed.

10. Meditation. Focus on your key question such as ‘How can I solve XX problem?’ or ‘How can I achieve XX goal?’ and meditate on it. Have a pen and paper in front of you so you can write whatever comes to mind.

That is it. Try out one of these techniques to brainstorm for your startup ideas in the Netherlands!

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