10 elements you must have when developing your business idea for the Dutch Startup Visa

Do you already have a topic or business idea that you want to pursue in the Netherlands? Make sure that your business idea is well-defined. The clearer it is, the easier it is for your audience to understand and consequently, the stronger your Startup Visa application is.

What elements of your business idea that you need to define clearly? Here is a quick list:

1. Problems

  • What problem(s) are you solving?

  • What desire(s) are you satisfying?

2. Audience

  • Who do you serve?

  • Who are your most important customers?

  • What are their defining qualities?

3. Channels

  • How does this audience want to be reached?

  • Where are they already?

  • How will they find you?

4. Solution

  • How will you solve this problem?

  • What's valuable about it to your audience?

5. Differentiators

  • What is different/unique about your situation?

6. Revenue

  • What will you sell to them?

  • How much will it cost?

7. Costs

  • What costs and activities will you need to build this business? (e.g. product development, advertising, etc)

  • What do you need to make this business happen outside of yourself?

8. Business boosters

  • What unfair advantages do you have over the competition? (e.g. relationships, access, experience, etc)

  • How is your solution not easily copied?

9. Elevator pitch

  • In one powerful sentence, combine your problem, audience, solution and differentiator (maybe try a few variations)

10. Key metrics

  • What will you measure to determine that THIS audience has THIS problem and wants THIS solution?

Important to remember:

Entrepreneurs often fall into trap of wasting way too much time trying to plan their business. So, try to define your these 10 elements in a one-page document and be as clear as possible that it can make sense to you and other people.

One more thing: Sharing is caring! You will get a ton of values when you share these elements to your family/friends/fellow entrepreneurs for feedbacks.

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