4 ways to learn entrepreneurship after your graduation in the Netherlands

The time after your graduation in the Netherlands may be the best time for you to start your own company. I wrote a post earlier to see the reasons why.

Since 2015, the Dutch government passed a regulation to encourage non-EU nationals to launch their business in the Netherlands with the Startup visa. Read here to learn more about the requirements.

Your entrepreneurship education comes could come from inside and outside your college and will be shaped by your persistence. From the Entrepreneur magazine, here are five ways I’d recommend shaping your entrepreneurship education, whether in the classroom or outside it:

1. Start super simple

Start with the simplest business idea you can think of that combines your biggest passion with your most marketable skill. For me, I paired my biggest passion -- working with start-ups, with my most marketable skill -- business development and writing, to help startups who want to develop their business idea and start with their startup visa application. It’s far from unique, but it’s easy to find ways to differentiate your business when it’s something you’re both passionate about and skilled in, like focusing on a specific niche.

2. On the job training

There are “jobs” that can prepare you for the start of your business, but you need to be extremely selective in choosing a job that will get you closer to becoming an entrepreneur instead of further away from it. For example, you could work with an NGO that served young entrepreneurs and worked with experienced entrepreneurs. Every day you would be surrounded by people who would be doing exactly what you wanted to do. Another example is to work with an entrepreneur as their assistant.

Find a job where you will get opportunities to learn more about the business you want to start and are surrounded by like-minded people and are willing to help you to start a business

3. Freelance

Freelance is one of the best ways to prepare you to become an entrepreneur. There are a lot of freelance platforms that you can explore. The money earned could be insignificant, but you would gain experience of working with clients and how to serve them, especially the the difficult ones. Even if you’re not sure what type of business you want to start, freelancing will help you find ways to monetise your skills. This is a strong first step towards starting a service-based business.

4. Network widely for everybody

Take advantages of local and national events for entrepreneurs, your network on LinkedIn, college, friends, etc. There is no limit to what you can accomplish through networking. You will be surprised by how you can make use of the resources in your network for your entrepreneurial journey.

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