5 things to learn from Elon Musk about entrepreneurship for your Dutch Start-up visa journey

Who does not know Elon Musk? He is the lead pioneer who sent the world's most powerful rocket to Mars with the aim of saving humanity. As a budding entrepreneur, surely there are a number of things that could be learned from Elon Musk to prepare you for your entrepreneurial journey in the Netherlands with the Dutch Start-up visa:

1. Learn from your failures

Failure isn't necessarily bad, this is the most important life lesson entrepreneurship can teach you. Failure shouldn't be the end to your entrepreneurial efforts and it should not stop you from pursuing your other life goals either. Instead, failure should serve as a critical lesson and help you make better choices in the future.

2. Make calculated decisions

It's never a good idea to let your emotions control you. Instead, you need to make calculated decisions by taking into account all factors to minimise regrets. You certainly cannot know everything, but it is important to just take a step back and go through what you know before making a decision.

Bill Gates set an excellent example of this. He claimed to have written a programming language for the MITS Altair 8000 even though he hadn't. He then worked with his childhood friend, Allen to develop what we now call BASIC. Despite of him taking a big risk, it was all calculated because he knew he could deliver.

3. Believe in yourself

You can build success by learning to believe in yourself, yes even at tough times. Self-doubt can hold you back and prevent you from achieving your full potential.

If you don't believe in yourself, you would be putting too much significance on the obstacles along the way. And you would end up holding yourself back from executing an idea just because of a negative feedback or a challenge. So you could find yourself holding back from executing an idea that has high chances of success just because of a negative feedback or a challenge. If Larry Page had listened to the negative people, we probably won't have Google today.

4. Learn to work with others

It is crucial to work well with others. There is a common misconception that successful entrepreneurs work alone. Sir Richard Branson proves otherwise. He maintains a healthy relationship with his employees and even writes personal letters to them.

Even if you consider yourself more of a loner, you need to find a way to adapt if you want to be successful. You should surround yourself with like-minded individuals who share the same passion of seeing your idea come to life.

5. It's not just about you or your competitors

Entrepreneurs should obsess over their customers, instead of obsessing over their competitors. By fulfilling your customers' needs, you can win their loyalty and eventually establish yourself as a successful entrepreneur, beating your competitors in the process. This also applies in your personal life, learning to be selfless and to empathise with others can get you a long way.

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