5 traits to look for in your startup facilitator for the Dutch Startup Visa

Having a startup facilitator is one of the requirements for your Startup Visa application. More importantly, a facilitator will help you to accelerate the development of your business idea in the Netherlands.

What traits should you look for in your facilitator? Based on Inc, here are the five things that make someone a good facilitator:

1. A strong and genuine professional interest in their mentee

A good facilitator should have interest in what is happening in their mentee's life. They should understand what their mentee's strengths and weaknesses are and aware of their mentee's professional aspirations. You two should have physical/virtual meeting periodically to discuss how the startup is going.

2. A willingness to share their past experiences

A good facilitator is willing to share skills, knowledge, and expertise. They will teach their mentee what they know and give the best advice possible. They will not only share strengths and positive success stories, but shortcomings and failures as well, knowing that these stories will help their mentee.

3. Enthusiasm about their startup process

A facilitator may be experienced and have been around the block a few times when it comes to startup process, but they never show the mentee how world-weary they are. A good facilitator should encourage their mentee throughout the ups and downs of their mentee's dynamic startup journey.

4. The drive to never stop learning

Work constantly changes and evolves, and learning never stops, especially if you want to stay current in your field. A good facilitator should encourage education of their mentee. Additionally, a facilitator should also have the willingness to continuously learn, so that they do not become stagnant in their field. After all, they can only be a good facilitator if they know what is happening in today's work climate.

5. The ability to give constructive criticism

Criticism can do one of two things. It can wear you down, or when done constructively, it can build you up stronger than before. A good facilitator helps their mentee by giving guidance and constructive feedback throughout their startup journey.

That is it! These are the five key traits that you should look for in your facilitator for the Dutch Startup Visa. A good facilitator really helps to make your ever-changing startup journey manageable and enjoyable.

Before you approach your facilitator for your Startup Visa for the first time, make sure that you have a strong story when you pitch to your potential facilitators. You must have a clear value proposition both for your business idea and for your facilitator. Need help in developing your pitch and story for your facilitator? Or simply need help in connecting with potential facilitators?

Shape of Green Business has a network of facilitators that we can connect you with. We can also help you to develop the pitch and story of your business idea that clearly communicates its values to your potential facilitators.

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