7 actors involved in your Startup Visa application process

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

You are interested to apply for Startup Visa in the Netherlands? Great for you!

Startup Visa application is a process that involves a number of actors along the way. It is useful to know who these actors are so that you can strategically plan your application.

In this blog post, I will outline these different actors. One by one.

1. Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND)

Immigration and Naturalisation Service
Immigration and Naturalisation Service_IND_logo

Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst (IND) is a branch of the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice which implements the immigration policy in the Netherlands. When you want to enter the Netherlands with Startup Visa, the IND is the organisation in which your Startup Visa application will be processed. The IND will be the organisation that lays out the Startup Visa application requirements and provide the application form. The IND has several offices across the Netherlands and it is where you submit your Startup Visa application documents.

2. Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)

Netherlands Enterprise Agency_RVO_Logo
Netherlands Enterprise Agency_RVO_Logo

De Rijkdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO) is a branch of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs that is responsible to stimulate entrepreneurs in sustainable, agricultural, innovative and innovative business. When you submit your Startup permit application to the IND, they will consult with RVO about the innovativeness of your business idea.

What constitutes an innovative business idea? The RVO will assess whether your business idea is new in the Netherlands, whether it involves a new technology for production, distribution or marketing, or whether it involves a new organisational approach. Additionally, the RVO will decide whether the business idea is suitable for the Dutch Top Sectors.

Once the RVO makes decision about the innovativeness your business idea, they will communicate it to the IND. Consequently, the IND will inform you about the decision on your Startup Visa application.

3. Facilitator (Startup accelerator)

Startup Amsterdam

One of the requirements for your Startup Visa application is that you must have a written agreement with a facilitator to support your business development in the Netherlands.

The facilitator is a business mentor organisation that will provide guidance and support while you are developing your startup in the Netherlands. The guidance can come different forms depending on your need as a startup. This can include investment acquisition, marketing, assisting with operational management, research and providing business contacts.

Before you apply for the Startup Visa you must find a facilitator who is recognised by the RVO and registered in the Netherlands.

There is a list of RVO-approved facilitators in the Netherlands, including but not limited to:

  1. TEC Europe

  2. Start Life

  3. 15km

  4. Amsterdam Centre for Entrepreneurship (ACE)

  5. B. Building Business

  6. CIC / Venture Café Nederland

  7. Collider

  8. Crosspring

  9. Rockstart Enterprises

  10. UtrechtInc

  11. YES! Delft

  12. THNK Social enterprise

  13. Startup Bootcamp

  14. Oost NV

  15. Makerversity

  16. And more!

You can check the websites of Startup Delta and Startup Amsterdam to explore more facilitators in the Netherlands.

Having a recognised facilitator by the RVO ensures that you have a facilitator is reliable, financially sound and has experience in guiding new businesses. The facilitator is a critical actor to support the approval of your Startup Visa application by IND.

4. Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK)


You must register your company at the KvK as one of the requirements of the Startup Visa applications. Kamer van Koophandel (KvK) is an institution that officially registers companies in the Netherlands.

The process is easy and straightforward. First, you make the online appointment on KvK website. Secondly, you bring the required documentations at your appointment. And the next thing you know, you will have your business registered in the Netherlands!

5. Dutch Bank

One of the requirements for Startup Visa is that you must have sufficient financial resources to live in the Netherlands (approx. ​€ 1.205,22 per month X number of months you aim to stay in the Netherlands with Startup Visa).

To prove that you have sufficient financial resources, you must show a bank statement from a Dutch bank stating this amount. A bank statement from a non-Dutch bank account is not sufficient for the Startup Visa application.

There are a number of Dutch banks where you can open your personal or business account. The biggest banks in the Netherlands include but not limited to:

  1. ABN Amro

  2. Rabobank

  3. ING

  4. Triodos

  5. SNS Bank

  6. ASN Bank

To open a bank account in the Netherlands, you can either make an appointment online or simply go to one of the bank offices with supporting documentations.

6. Family and friends

Moving to a new country is a major decision. Emotional support from your close family and friends will help you throughout the journey. In some cases, financial support from the family is required to prove your sufficient financial resources for your Startup Visa application.

Having such support from your loved ones will definitely help and smoothen your Startup Visa application process.

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Above shows the seven actors that will be involved in your Startup Visa application process. The more you know about the process and the actors who are involved, the less overwhelming the application process will be, and you can focus more of your effort in developing your business idea to the next level.