How should you layout your Step-by-Step Plan for the Dutch Startup Visa application?

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

A Step-by-Step Plan document is the key eligibility requirement for your Startup Visa application. It is the main document for IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service) to understand the benefits and relevance of your business idea to the Dutch sector.

How should you layout your Step-by-Step Plan? Here is a quick outline:

1. General company description

Provide a context and background of your company. Give a summary of the problems that you are addressing, who your target customers are and what solutions do you have to solve their problems. On top of this, you should also include brief description of your company's vision and mission to give a broad picture of why your company exists and where it is going.

2. Product/service description

Describe your product/service as clearly as possible. Do not assume that the readers will understand what you mean directly. Use simple word and make your sentence compact. Apply visualisations wherever possible to strengthen your product/service description.

Additionally, explain why your product/service is innovative, its benefits to customers, why it is relevant to the Dutch economy. Moreover, outline your business model and the potential market size that you are targeting.

3. Action plan

The IND wants to know what activities you will do within the period of one-year timespan. Hence, make sure that you clearly lay out the activities that you will undertake and provide the relevant timeline and milestones that you will achieve. Similarly, use visualisation wherever possible for better understanding by the IND.

4. Financial projection

Outline of the cost, profit and profit and loss structure of your company within the timeline of 3-years. Be as clear and straightforward as possible.

5. Management and organisation

Explain the legal entity that you will choose to register your company with in the Netherlands (e.g. sole proprietorship, BV) and risks associated (if any) for choosing this legal entity to carry out your business activities.

Additionally, give a summary of the management team of your company. This must include you as one of the Founders and if applicable, other partners whom you will be working with. Make sure that you provide title, background and roles of each member of the management team.

6. Business facilitation

This is the section where you describe who your facilitator is. Outline their expertise and their roles during the 1-year of your entrepreneurial journey in the Netherlands with the Startup Visa.

Will you be also working with other partners organisations/companies? This is also the section where you should describe them.

Professional writing skills are critical

Business development and professional writing skills are fundamental to get your Step-by-Step Plan right. Pay attention to clearly explain the key building blocks of your business idea and to put them in the right and simple words on paper for maximum comprehension by the IND.

Remember, the IND has no idea about who you are and what your business idea is. The Step-by-Step Plan is the main document that the IND will use to judge your business idea, so make it as crystal clear as possible.

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