1) Business coaching for your Dutch
Startup VISA application

1. A clear roadmap from idea generation, business idea development, finding a facilitator and submission of Startup Visa application to IND. You will know where you stand on the roadmap and what is coming ahead to reach the finish line.


2. A framework to brainstorm and evaluate different business ideas for the Dutch Top Sectors. You do not need to worry even if you have no business idea to start with yet as there is a clear framework for you to follow. 


3. Understanding of what makes a product/service ‘innovative’ for the Dutch Top Sector and explore the different angles of ‘innovation’ to your business ideas.

4. Define the building blocks of your business idea (e.g. value proposition, problems addressed, solution, channel, revenue and cost structure) and answer the critical questions without wasting time 

5. Create a simple and flexible one-page business plan for your business clearly enough that it can make sense to other people.

6. Action- and result-oriented approach. You will use practical methods which involve taking actions to deal with problems, define next steps and create results, not just talking about ideas.

7. Practical experience-based tips and tricks. You can be relieved that you are guided by someone who has been through the process and done it before. 

8. A loyal support and listener. You are not alone. I have been through the process. I understand that it can sometimes be overwhelming and demotivating. This happens. And I am here to support and listen to you so that we can move forward together.

2) Development of your Step-by-Step Plan for submission to potential facilitators and IND

Step-by-Step plan document is the key document you will submit to IND. It is critical that you explain your business idea and values as clear and as structured as possible to IND.


1. A ‘Step-by-Step Plan’ template for guidelines in content and structure. You will easily understand what structure and information that is required in order to create a convincing ‘Step-by-Step Plan’ required for the submission of the Startup Visa application to IND.


2. Loyal support and constructive feedback on your ‘Step-by-Step Plan’ so that you can improve the document accordingly for quality improvement (proofreading) 


3. Finally, a strong and well-structured ‘Step-by-Step Plan’ for your business idea to make the document convincing for submission to IND 

3) CRAFTING your pitch and story for potential facilitators

1. Develop the pitch and story of your business idea that clearly communicates its values to your potential facilitators.

2. Practice pitching and telling your story to your potential facilitators.