Founder of Steward

Dan Miller

Priska was extremely helpful in all aspects of securing a start-up visa for the Netherlands. She helped me better understand the program and whether my company was a fit, she made introductions to lawyers and startup facilitators to sponsor the visa, and she was instrumental in reviewing and preparing materials for the application. I highly recommend working with Priska for anyone interested in moving to the Netherlands for their startup.


Co-Founder of Cadence

Rubayet Akbar

It has been a pleasure working with Priska from Shape of Green Business. Apart from her unbridled support throughout the startup visa application process, I thank her for being so patient and compassionate and for being such a great listener. Also it is great to see the wide knowledge she has about the Dutch startup ecosystem and how willing she is to share that to help others out. I would definitely recommend her to anyone aspiring  for a startup visa in the Netherlands.


Founder of ISTP

Maty Konte

In the first free skype meeting that I had with Priska, she gave me many advice and suggestions on how to brainstorm and design my business idea in the way that suits RVO and Dutch government priority areas. This first meeting has increased my level of confidence and gave me a new approach to think about my business idea.

Over time, Priska provided very useful materials and templates that covered everything that is necessary for the business plan and the startup visa application. She was active in reaching out to facilitators. My step-by-step business plan was sharp and coherent. The facilitator did not need to add or change anything and acknowledged that the step-by-step plan was good and met all the requirements. As a result, I received a positive outcome for my visa application, and I am now very happy to work hard to launch my business.

Priska is a talented business coach, a good listener and very supportive in every aspect of the process. I have learned a lot from her expertise, and I am very grateful for that. Keep it up Shape of Green Business!


Founder of Hygro+

Kalyanasundaram Subramanian

The professional and kind assistance of Priska (Shape of Green Business) made the registering of my HYGRO+ startup possible. Right from the selection of innovative choice of ideas, through (selecting &) arranging the meeting with the facilitator, timely preparation of the documents, practical suggestions (e.g. for registering at KvK), and rechecking all the permit application documents required by IND, Priska had been instrumental in making the whole journey pleasurable and successful.


The tact, business and communication acumen, professionalism, and unrelenting enthusiasm with unbridled kindness in interactions that are exhibited by Priska are highly appreciated and commendable. I would strongly recommend Priska not only for the professional assistance (Shape of Green Business) throughout your startup journey in the Netherlands but also a friend for life.


Founder of Geo-Agronomy Solutions

Saqib Shaukat

To begin with, my own startup was not an easy decision. I was struggling with finding a job in the Netherlands. Little did I knew that the Netherlands is the Hub for startups and the community is growing rapidly.


After continuous struggle in my job search, I came across with Priska from Shape of Green Business, through which I started to think and decided to open my own company. Priska gave me a clear framework and step-by-step process from the beginning until the end: how to generate ideas that falls into Top 5 Dutch industrial sectors, how to select, develop and communicate my idea, and how to search for a facilitator and prepare for my Startup Visa application to IND.


Moreover, she enabled me, coached me and gave me the confidence to start my own company. No doubt it takes lots of courage to start something in which an individual is not an expert at yet but getting the right coaching and process is essential and that’s what Shape of Green Business did for me.